Laser Genesis is a breakthrough laser treatment used for laser skin resurfacing. It offers both preventative and corrective advantages to most other lasers, helping to improve the skin in its current state, while stimulating the production of compounds vital to the skin’s health.

Generally, patients with acne issues, and superficial skin blemishes are the perfect candidates for Laser Genesis, as the process smooths out bumps, and exfoliates the skin. Leaving patients with smooth, supple skin, free from blemishes and superficial scars.

What can we treat with Laser Genesis?
We use laser genesis in order to improve the skin’s overall tone and texture, in many facets. Laser genesis treats the skin at a deeper level to stimulate collagen, rather than only producing surface results. The most common conditions treated through Laser Genesis’, skin resurfacing laser treatment, are:

  • Acne
  • Acne Scarring
  • Large Pores – Helps to shrink the pores.
  • Hyperpigmentation or other Skin Discolorations – Red Blotches, Dark Sun Spots, etc.
  • Rough or Dry Skin Patches
  • Superficial Blemishes or Scarring – Bumps, etc.
  • Moderate Rosacea
  • Loose Skin, or Wrinkles

Laser Genesis can also treat a number of other skin issues, during your consultation our experts will judge whether Laser Genesis is the right treatment for you.

How does it work?
Using the Cutera laser, low energy pulses are sent directly into the skin, penetrating beneath the skin’s surface. Over time the laser stimulates the production of fresh, new collagen and elastin. Two of the most vital compounds when it comes to skin care.
Collagen gives skin its smooth, supple, hydrated look and feel. As we age our skin naturally loses its collagen stores, leading to wrinkles, dry skin, and severe lines. During this process, the outer layer of dead skin cells is also exfoliated off and replaced by a fresh, new layer of skin, restored with collagen.

In addition, elastin is a compound that gives the skin its springy texture, and its ability to “bounce back” from stretching. As we age, we lose elastin, causing our skin to become loose, and hang. Once the elastin is restored, the skin is once again tightened and restored to its youthful contour.

Laser Genesis is known to give patients amazingly smooth, renewed skin, with an amazing glow. The treatment is safe for all skin types and ideal for the face, neck, and décolleté. Subtle results can be noticed just after one treatment, although for dramatic results, a series of Laser Genesis treatments are recommended.

Quick and Easy!
The laser is often nicknamed the “lunch-time laser” as sessions can be done over a patient’s lunch break; it’s a quick, painless procedure, with 0 downtime!

Recovery Time?
There is no recovery period. Patients can return to work or other daily activities immediately after a session. The laser won’t leave your skin red, swollen or blotchy; although the skin will be a bit tender for a few hours. And occasionally for more severe correction, some patients have reported experiencing light skin-peeling.
For more information or to schedule your appointment and find out if Laser Genesis treatment is right for you be sure to contact SRS Dermatology today.

Suzanne Sirota Rozenberg, DO, FAOCD
Shoni Rozenberg Seide, DO FAAD

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